Painting, Staining, Sanding & Sealing

Interior Painting

Our mission at All Bright Eco Wash is to beautify your home inside
and out. Any painting job, big or small, we have you covered. Our
detail-oriented staff is meticulous in making sure that your
painting job is how you envisioned it. Keeping your home neat
and organized is our priority.

Drywall Installation and Repair

If your walls are ever opened up due to plumbing or electrical
issues, we are able to patch them, spackle and paint as necessary.

Exterior Painting

Over time, the elements can wear away at your paint. It is
important to keep a nice, clean sealed coat to preserve the
longevity of the material beneath the paint.

Deck Painting or Staining

Once our team comes and soft washes your deck, the next step is
to refinish the deck. Painting, staining or sealing are
imperative to the woods life.

Fence Painting or Staining

Once All Bright Eco Wash has finished you fence, we can care for it
just as we would take care of your deck. Painting, staining or
sealing is necessary in order for the fence to have a long life.

Paver Sealing / Concrete Sealing

Pavers are a porous surface. As a result, they become dirty as
well as prone to algae growth. In the winter moths, pavers ice
over worse than other traditional ground surfaces. Sealing the
pavers applies a protective coating that blocks out the moisture
and dirt.

Similar to pavers, concrete benefits from sealing so that algae
does not grow and dirt does not get embedded.