Roof Repairs

Our experienced roofing technicians are specially trained to find
any issues with your roof, whether it is a leaking skylight to a dry
rotted flashing pipe boot to a simple nail pop, we will get to the
bottom of your roofing issues and find an efficient and cost
effective solution. To prevent possible leaks we will do a free roof
inspection with our gutter cleanings.

Roof Installation

All Bright will come to your house and do free estimates on your
roofing needs, whether it is a section of your roof or your entire
roof. We use the best quality materials to ensure a long lasting
life. We also offer discount gutter installation with a purchase of a
new roof.

Roof Inspections

If you are buying or selling a home, rest assured All Bright will do
a thorough inspection and provide you with information such as
the life span of the current roof, any trouble spots on the roof,
and any spots that need immediate attention. This is a service
that is included in your gutter cleaning to make sure there are no

Skylight Sealing

Skylights add that much need burst of light into your home, but
sometimes they can call major headaches. All Bright provides
quality craftsmanship to insure that this does not happen. Our
skylight services include skylight replacement, skylight flashing kit
repair as well as sealing minor skylight issues.

Chimney Sealing

Flashing around your chimney may become a major problem as
your chimney ages through the elements; the mortar begins to
crack allowing water to get behind the chimney flashing. This can
be detrimental to the sheathing under your shingles and
ultimately make its way in to your attic and then your home.

Chimney Repointings

Over time, due to varying temperatures, as well as your furnace
heat or fireplace, the mortar in-between your brick or stone
begins to deteriorate. It is imperative to replace the mortar
before the damage worsens causing more serious problems.

Chimney Cleanings

All Bright Eco wash will come clear ash and soot from your
chimney. It is important to keep up with chimney maintenance
because over time, a layer of creosote builds up on the inside of
your chimney. The creosote restricts the airflow through the
chimney. Eventually the creosote can catch on fire causing a
chimney or structure fire.